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We are here to help to answer all questions you may have.  Please feel free to reach us anytime via our contact form or call us.  Our contact info can be found in here.  

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Indoor golf is a fun and exciting way to play simulated version of traditional outdoor golf.  It involves the use of a golf simulator and other visual technology to create a realistic golfing experience in an indoor setting where you can practice and improve your skills anytime, anywhere.

Indoor golf differs from tradtional outdoor golf in that it is played indoors.   It is a great way to practice and improve your game to next level with instant actionable feedback.   It can be played year round, regardless of weather conditions.  Best yet, enjoy the game without having to travel to a golf course, especially booking in Hong Kong is painful.

The downside is that we will miss the Sun and nature.  But at Smash Factor, we design with the intention to bring outdoor to indoor golf.  Come see for yourself!

Indoor golf offers several benefits, such as the ability to play year-round, the convenience of not having to travel to a golf course, and the ability to practice at a comfortable and controlled environment with actionable feedback, regardless of weather conditions.  

At Smash Factor Hong Kong, every inch of the space is thought out to bring the best simulated golf experience from the real grass feel hitting matt to our ambient lighting to get the perfect crisp images for ultimate immersion.  Along with Trackman launch monitor, it provides zero doubt ball flight data and best in industry graphics for virtual golf games.

We open from 10am to 10pm everyday from Monday to Sunday.

To play indoor golf, all you need is a golf club and some golf balls.  If you don’t have your own equipment, don’t worry – we provide everything you need to get started.  Free premium clubs rental for all members.  

Yes, we offer golf lessons for players of all skills levels.  Our experienced instructors can help you improve your swing, putt, and overall golf game with Trackman Performance Studio to help quantify your game.  Contact us for more info.

Yes, we recommend making a booking to ensure availability of our indoor golf simulator.  You can easily make a booking by giving us a call or via WhatsApp.  Online booking will come soon.  We look forward to seeing you soon!

Depending how fast you play, it normally takes 30 minutes per person for 9 holes and 1 hour per person for 18 holes to finish.  For 2 people, it will take approximately 2 hours to finish a 2 player game. 


Yes, for all new members we currently have welcome bonus offers for those who purchase the annual Basic membership or the 3 month Pro membership.  Please hover on “Welcome Bonus Offer” for more details above in each plan or contact us for any information.

Yes.  We offer cancellation of membership with no admin fee.  Previous visits will be deducted as visitors hours and the remaining balance will be refunded. 

Yes. Members can request a pause to their membership for no longer than 3 months during the lifetime of the membership. The pause must be requested in prior month and the requested pause time period must be in full month.  Exceptions can be made for pregnancy.  Please reach out to us for any questions.

We want to make sure we keep our bays availability for all our members. By limiting only 30 PRO members, we made sure it would not overcrowd our booking system.  Once we have 30 valid Pro members, we will open up waitlist for those who want to purchase the Pro plan.

No, Pro memberships’ daily free hours can be used any time during the day depending on actual availability. 

No, only one active booking is allowed to ensure proper used of the bays/rooms.

You can join by either by visiting, calling or WhatsApp us via 6015 2955.  We will handle the rest.  Still unsure?  Subscribe to get your first free trial hour by filling the form near the bottom of this page.

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