Hong Kong Indoor Golf Powered By Trackman. Booking Only

Exceptional Golf Lessons For All Levels

Get access to private lessons designed to make you a better golfer. All led by expert instructors. Class starts from $600/pp.

Golf Lessons

We offer Standard golf classes for beginners and PGA golf classes for experienced golfers with skilled instructors using proven techniques to help you achieve your goals. Join us to unlock your potential on the course.

Golf Lessons with Advance Technology

Elevate your golf lessons with Trackman with dual cameras shoot up to 240fps for precise swing analysis along with our professional instructors!  Our facility offers realistic ball flight data for analysis. Get a comprehensive report with videos and data after each lesson. This is how you learn golf smarter.

Play Video about Swing camera at 240fps



Distinguished and certified golf instructor with a stellar track record spanning over 30 years. Renowned for his expertise as an elite golfer at the international level for England, Mark brings a wealth of experience and a passion for the game to his role as a certified USGTF (United States Golf Teachers Federation) instructor and certified in Golf Psychology Coaching.

Experience Golf Training Like Never Before

Smash Factor Indoor Golf uses latest top simulation technology to provide precise club and ball data while capturing your swing through dual slow-motion cameras. Improve your technique and streamline your practice routine by understanding your game’s dynamics and leveraging your strengths while working on your weaknesses.


We care how you learn golf!

As a Smash Factor member, you have access to group and private golf lessons starting from $250/session, members’ benefits, special rates and members’ only events. Your lessons doesn’t ends, we track your progress with your instructor to offer off-lesson practice help during your own session.

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